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Beat The Pro's

Format: Two-Man Best Ball

Tee's: Assigned Copper

Optional Game: KP's $5 Cash buy-in

This year instead of beat the Pro it will be beat the "Pros". Chad and Garrett will play a two-person best ball. Then everyone needs to find a partner and team up. We will get 100% or our handicaps for this best ball. If your Net Best Ball beats their Gross Best Ball you will double your wager. You can wager up to $100 each. If you tie or lose, you will still get the amount you wagered put onto your book credit.


If you have a player in your group that is the odd man, you can double team with him to make a second Best Ball team.


We will still have our regular $5 competition as well. Let's go out and take the bragging rights for the next year!!!

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