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I have attached the final scores from the two rounds we played this week. Buckland and Ness are not actually part of the gross finals. 

Also attached are the brackets and matches.


Below are the time times to complete matches

Quarter Finals - Completed on or before August 2nd

Semi Finals- Competed on or before August 16th

Finals - Competed on or before August 30th


I have also attached the contact information for everyone. Contact the person you're playing and schedule your matches. If you're having trouble working out a date, contact me and I'll get it worked out. We have lots of time so hopefully that will not come up.


I will post results as they happen, and I will also post all scores.


Once you get your match scheduled, contact me with the date and time, and I'll get your scorecards ready for you when you play. Again, you can play from whatever tees you want, up to the Silver/Bronze. It's up to each of you to report your current handicap to each other prior to the match, from the tees you have chosen to play from.


Any questions please call me or send me a note.


Richard Clendening

Cedar's at Dungeness Men's Club

Tournament Chair

Cell 253.249.4201

President's Cup/Trophy Contact Info

First Name Last Name         Email

Ray Ballantyne   

Bill Berry              

Anthony Bubenas

Mike Buckland   

Richard Clendening

Tom Flack             

Don Flores            

Bernie Fryer         

Ron Grant             

Mark Hash            

Wally Jenkins     

Daryl Ness          

Bill Schless         

Gary Syme          

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