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Men's Club Board Meeting 12/20/2023

Cedars At Dungeness Men’s Club

Subject:  Minutes of Board Meeting December 20,2023

From:  Jim Jaqubino – Secretary/Historian

To:  Cedars At Dungeness Men’s Club

 Meeting was called to order by President Bill Berry at 3:03 pm

Present were: Bill Berry – President, Justin Ewing – Vice President – Jim Jaqubino – Secretary/Historian, Steve Collatz – Treasurer, Richard Clendening – Competition Chairman, Ron Grant – Handicap Chairman, Harry Phillips – Rules Chairman, Don Flores – WA Golf Representative

Absent was Daryl Ness – Team Captain

Guests included Chad Wagner -Director of Golf and Garrett Smithson – Head Golf Professional and Director of Group Sales

Motion to accept minutes of October 18th, 2023, made and seconded

We discussed the situation of pipes on the sides of the fairways being temporary immovable obstructions.  It was determined that there would be relief but not line of sight relief. 

A Committee on Local Rules was formed.  Members will be Richard Clendening, Harry Phillips, Garrett Smithson and Bill Schless.  The committee will decide on the interpretation of local rules as they pertain to our golf course.  Thank you to Richard and Don for addressing these issues through emails and the CAD Men’s Club website.

Chad said that the main lines have been installed so now on to the lateral lines.  Weather permitting, the irrigation system could be completed by sometime in April 2024.  Also, that the sand traps were being addressed and that next year we will be receiving sand to improve them a few at a time.  Chad also talked about the new bathroom that will be built behind #14 green where the port-a-potty is now located.

There was discussion about relief while in the bunkers.  There is relief from standing water in the bunker.  However, if the bunker is full of water relief may be taken outside the bunker under a one stroke penalty.  The committee will be available to address these issues on a one-by-one basis.  Rules pertaining to these situations will be adhered to whether or not it is posting or non- posting season.  Harry will be sending something out to the membership addressing issues.

There was discussion about the change in the posting rules as they pertain to 9-hole rounds now being counted immediately rather than waiting for another 9 hole score to be posted in the future.  There are posting rules that will be available on the Men’s Club website for the membership.

Treasurers report:  We ended the year with $2132 in the bank.  As of this time there are 44 members that have renewed their memberships.

Rules Chairman:  There will be a fresh posting on the bulletin board and available on the web site pertaining to the local rules. 

Competition Chair.  There will be some Wednesdays in the new year where we will not be able to have our weekly competitions.  There are some big tournaments coming our way that will affect the Men’s Club weekly schedule. 

The Men’s Club raised a tremendous amount of money for local charities this year.


Have a great Xmas and Holiday Season and a Happy New Year to all.  Thanks for a great 2023.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:52 pm.

My wife said to me, you spend too much time thinking about golf.  Do you even remember the day we got married?  Of course I do!  It was the same day I sunk that 45 foot putt. 


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