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Men's Club Board Meeting 2/7/24

Cedars At Dungeness Men’s Club

Subject: Minutes of Board Meeting February 7, 2024

From: Jim Jaqubino – Secretary/Historian

To: Cedars At Dungeness Men’s Club


Meeting was called to order by President Bill Berry at 3:04 pm

Present were Bill Berry – President, Justin Ewing – Vice President, Jim Jaqubino – Secretary/Historian, Steve Collatz – Treasurer, Ron Grant – Handicap Chairman, Richard Clendening – Competition Chairman, Harry Phillips – Rules Chairman.

Absent were Don Flores – WA. Golf Representative, and Daryl Ness – Team Captain

Guests included Chad Wagner – Director of Golf, and Fred Green – Asst Golf Professional.

The Board would like to welcome Fred Green to the Cedars at Dungeness family.   You may know Fred from Sunland Golf Club.  Stop in and say hi.

Motion to accept minutes of January 10, 2024, made and seconded.

We discussed the ongoing irrigation system installation.  The system is coming along quickly, and a great job is being done.  Still anticipate completion by sometime in April, weather permitting.

Competition Chairman Richard Clendening clarified that on days that 9A is being used that Men’s Club would be teeing from the copper tees.  Exception to that rule is if the competitor is playing from Black, Silver or Bronze tees exclusively the day of the competition.

Treasurer Steve Collatz noted that as of this day we have 129 paid members, versus 120 at this time last year.  The bank balance is $9809.22.  There were no expenses in January.  Anticipated February expenses are:  $300 to CAD for the Ice Breaker Scramble and $4875 to Washington Golf, 125 members at $39.00 each.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:41 pm

When I was young, I sucked at golf, but now after years of dedication, practice and coaching, I’m no longer young.


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