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Men's Club Board Meeting 6/5/2024

Cedars At Dungeness Men’s Club

Subject: Minutes of Board Meeting June 5, 2024

From: Jim Jaqubino – Secretary/Historian

To: Cedars At Dungeness Men’s Club

Meeting was called to order by President Bill Berry at 2:08 pm

Present were Bill Berry – President, Jim Jaqubino – Secretary/Historian, Richard Clendening – Competition Chairman, Steve Collatz-Treasurer, Don Flores – Wa. Golf Representative, Ron Grant- Handicap Chairman

Absent were, Justin Ewing – Vice President, Harry Phillips, Rules Chairman, and Daryl Ness – Team Captain

Motion to accept minutes of May 1, 2024, meeting, approved

Guest: Chad Wagner, General Manager and Director of Golf

Discussed the upcoming Home and Home event with Alderbrook. Friday June 7th at Dungeness and Friday June 21st at Alderbrook.

It was a very successful inaugural Randy Gange Memorial with Diane Gange hitting the ceremonial first drive right down the middle of the fairway.

Chad Wagner talked about the exciting changes coming to the driving range. Covered teeing area, training center, etc. Will be great. Also, future new green for #8 hole.

Want to remind golfers to declare playing a provisional ball before hitting a second ball from the tee and through the green.

Secretary Jim Jaqubino wanted to relay to the board and membership that Tom Deeney was very grateful to receive all future entries into Men’s Club events at no cost. Tom is our newest and perhaps the only member to reach 90 years of age. Congrats Tom. We have members that could possibly reach that milestone age in the near future.

Treasurer Steve Collatz declared that we have 178 members in 2024 versus 184 in 2023. Bank balance is $5145.99.

May expenses were 1. CAD $300 to the Eclectic (Randy Gange Memorial), Peninsula Award $27.23. June expenses. CAD $400 for the Senior/Super-Senior Championship.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:37 pm

“Golf is about how well you accept, respond to, and score with your misses much more so than it is a game of your perfect shots.” Dr. Bob Rotella

Until next month


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