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2024 Local Rules



The Competition Rules Committee that I put together has come up with a few updates to our local rules/expectations and a developed a new rule to use while the course is under construction (Irrigation). This No Play Zone is defined in the rules of golf, so we are following the rules and not just pulling stuff out of the air.


I think we did well and the documents attached will help us be a better Men's Club and help players not have to worry about times their golf ball finds its way onto a golf hole that is closed for irrigation work. Please read through these rules and share with other members that may have missed this message.


Just to be clear even if there are no workers on a hole that is closed it is still GUR/NPZ. I'm 99.9 percent sure #7 will be closed tomorrow.


Committee Members

Richard Clendening

Harry Phillips

Bill Schless

Garrett Smithson


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